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In this service, a high-level player will log into your account and play your PLACEMENT to get the best possible performance. Beyond that, we guarantee a safe service with a high winning percentage, you can choose the best way which your Placement will be made (Eloboost or Duo Boost).

1. Select the Server and Queue
2. Chosse how your Placement will be realized
3. Select your elo in the previous season
4. Drag the button to select the number of matches you want

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For Placement Elo Boost, we guarantee a win rate of 80% or more. For Placement Duo boost or Master+, we gauarantee a win rate of 60% or more.


Service Information

ELOMAX provides the Placement service (Boosting and DuoBoosting), in order to provides the best possible results for your new division. We have a highly qualified team to conclude your service with agility and security.

For UNRANKED accounts (without any ranked games in the past seasons or recently obtained lvl. 30) we ensure, at the very least, the elo Silver. Quite possibly you will fall into higher divisions (IV, III, etc) than Silver.

For RANKED accounts (already with ranked games in the previous seasons), we guarantee a win rate of 80% for Placement Boosting and 60% for Placement DuoBoosting, increasing the chances that you will fall into a higher elo than your previous rank.

Some specifications:

  • The account must have at least 20 enabled champions to be able to play ranked matches and perform the service.
  • Compensation System (Purchase of Integral Placement): for each defeat beyond the agreed upon, we will manually move up one division from the final result of Placement. (Up to Diamond 4, after that it will become the Win Boost Compensation System)
  • Compensation System (Purchase of Placement Single Victories): for each defeat beyond the agreed upon, we will gain a victory instead. This will not interfere with the net balance of purchased wins.
  • ELOMAX Exclusive: You can customize the service in your way, in the Checkout screen.
  • Do you have any questions? Access our Tutorial and check all the steps to make the purchase and follow up the order.

NOTE: OBS: The customer can follow the entire process of the Placement via Service Dashboard, thus enjoying all the benefits: Chat with the player, ON/OFF module (know when your booster is on in your account), match history, win counter and you can also watch the games. See a Demo version by clicking here.


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