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Duo Boost

Duo Boost

We will help you to evolve. Play duo with our professional players and get to the elo you deserve, regardless of your team's skill level. Choose between 2 plans offered by ELOMAX and define the best cost-benefit for you!

1. Select the desired server
2. Select the Duo Boost mode
3. Choose the desired options
4. Select the current League and Division
5. Select the desired League and Division

Utilizando o cupom de 20% de desconto: MAX22 + INÍCIO IMEDIATO

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BASIC PLAN: This plan is the simplest and most economical option. You will play matches in the chosen queue with our player and we will secure the necessary wins as per your contracted order.

Duo Boost

Service Information

ELOMAX provides the Duo Boost service, aiming to provide more security and learning for players. Unlike the Elo Boosting service, the Duo Boost service does not break the Rules of the game and is 100% safe. Our Boosters provide an opportunity for you to learn how you should behave in SoloQ games, even if your team is weak in gameplay and maturity. This service is an excellent option for those who want a discreet, practical, and responsible service.

As much as they may say they don't, we know that most players have stressful experiences in ranked queues and don't reach their true elo due to obstacles such as trolls, afks and rages. We know that many players are unable to raise their accounts due to the details. ELOMAX is willing to improve your gaming experience with our Duo Boost service, so that you can actually play more smoothly and secure Season rewards. We offer Duo Boost for wins, divisions and Placement. You can also choose a customized plan that suits your needs.

Some specifications:

  • Purchases are made by wins, series or divisions.
  • You will receive in your account the net number of wins or the number of divisions purchased.
  • For DUO wins:We work with a Compensation System. For each defeat, the booster will win a victory instead. This will not interfere with the net balance of purchased wins. In the case that the booster loses any Bo5, we will only guarantee the purchased balance of wins.
  • For DUO divisions: There is no compensation system, we will only guarantee your arrival in the contracted division. In the case that the booster fails any Bo5, we fully guarantee its completion at no additional cost.
  • General deadline for DUOBOOST depends on the contracted number, schedule synchronization, and current demand. In general, the term is indefinite.
  • Do you have any questions? Access our Tutorial and check all the steps to make the purchase and follow up the order.


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